Benefits of Bamboo Sheets: Why Are Bamboo Sheets So Good?

Thought to have originated in Asia, bamboo is an amazing plant that grows everywhere in the world where there is a warm climate. And while bamboo has been utilized as traditional kitchenware in Asian countries for centuries, Western nations are just beginning to acknowledge its potential as a deluxe fabric for creating sheets and other bedding. 

Why is that so? Are there any specific benefits of bamboo sheets? What makes bamboo sheets so good and sought-after? In short, they are highly breathable, antibacterial, easy-to-care-for, soft, and durable - but let’s examine these characteristics separately.

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets: Why Are Bamboo Sheets So Good?

The benefits of bamboo sheets are many, which is why we need to separate them into different sections and explain the reasons behind each.

Highly Durable

Durability is perhaps the most significant benefit that bamboo sheets boast. Impressively, the average set of bamboo bed sheets may last up to fifteen years if cared for correctly. 

The reason that lies behind them being one of the most durable sheets on the market is not their thread count nor the sturdy nature of the bamboo plant, but rather the extraordinarily long-staple span of bamboo fibres. 

To give you a simple explanation - with their naturally long-staple span, bamboo fibres allow secure anchoring between thread ends which lessens the chances for a bamboo fabric to pill or tear.

Cozy & Breathable

Sheets made of organic bamboo materials are considered the softest sheets on the market, despite the fact that they come with a lower thread count than Egyptian cotton sheets. Their incredibly silky smooth texture that embraces you by providing utmost comfort is due to the micro gaps found in bamboo fibre, and, of course, their long-staple span. 

What makes bamboo sheets even more alluring for hot sleepers is their moisture-wicking capabilities, permitting moisture to evaporate swiftly and easily. This also allows bamboo sheets to regulate body temperature by permitting constant air circulation.

Antimicrobial & Antibacterial Properties

Due to their moisture-wicking properties, bamboo sheets reduce the build-up of dust mites, infinitesimal arachnids that live off of dead skin cells and thrive in moisture, which may contribute to the growth of bacterial microorganisms that can worsen acne inflammations. It is noteworthy to mention, however, that these pesky creatures can’t impose any dangers to our health by themselves, but are perhaps the cause behind inflammation because their feces may sometimes consist of enzymes, bacteria, and protein.

Naturally Hypoallergenic Properties

A substantial 2012 study, published by the Journal of Textile Institute, presents bamboo fabrics as potential reducers to allergy flare-ups due to their antibacterial properties. Namely, their discovery focuses around an Australian-grown Moso bamboo that is affluent in naturally antibacterial agents called lignin, carbohydrate and phenolic compound that provides support for the plant life, protecting it from external hazards, such as bacteria. 

Additional Skin Benefits

Bamboo houses tons of natural silica, a nutritional anti-oxidant, which is believed to have an impact on skin regeneration. What is even more impressive is the fact that some consider bamboo as the richest source of this mineral, which automatically makes bamboo sheets a good option for sleepers who struggle with sensitive skin.

Easy to Care For

Bamboo sheets are easy to care for as they are machine washable. 

You should be careful tough and choose a delicate cycle that uses cold or warm water, and use a mild detergent. The best way to dry them is by hanging them outside, but if the weather doesn’t allow - you can tumble them dry at a low temperature. 

Eco Friendly & Made From Highly Sustainable Source

Some bamboo plants grow quite fast, up to ninety centimeters per day.

Impressively, pandas’ favorite meals hold the Guinness World Record for the fastest growing plant. What makes them even more sustainable is the fact that they can easily regrow without any fertilizers or pesticides or any human intervention. 

In Summary

Having read this far we will let you decide whether bamboo sheets are a good choice for you or not. 

If you ask us - they are an excellent addition to your bed as they are environmentally friendly, easy-to-care, durable, good for sensitive skin, comfortable, antibacterial, and can keep you cool during those steamy summer nights.