Guide to Choosing the Best Sheets for Summer in Australia

We use them night after night and we can’t imagine life without them, but bed sheets are so much more than an extra layer of softness as you slumber. The right bed sheets play a part in promoting ultimate comfort, restfulness, and even undisrupted sleep throughout those blistering summer nights. 

In order to understand this more profoundly, however, we will take you on an educational journey where you get to explore the benefits of certain sheets’ fabrics which will ultimately help you decide what are the best sheets for summer.

Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Best Sheets for the Steaming Hot Summer Nights

Depending on your needs and desires, some sheet sets can suit you better than others. No matter if you are looking for super soft or naturally breathable fabrics, we’ve got you covered.

Bamboo Sheets as Summer Bed Sheets

Bamboo bed sheets are mostly known for their unmatched softness, but there is so much more to these than their comfort abilities.


Incredibly Soft & Comfortable

Time and again, our experience shows that the softness of sheets’ fabrics has a beyond beneficial impact on comfort during sleep. Known for their buttery soft and luxurious feel, bamboo sheets offer that cloud-like, cosy feeling that’ll make you feel all snuggly during the night. 

Highly durable

Bamboo sheets are made with naturally long fibres which makes them less likely to pill compared to other materials. The scientific reason behind this is that these lengthy fibres can be intertwined together securely and safely. On the other hand, some fabrics with shorter staple spans, such as cotton, are more susceptible to tearing or pilling. 

Natural Temperature Regulating Properties

The most significant factor that makes these eco-conscious folks’ favorites an ideal option for hot summer nights is their moisture-wicking capabilities. This allows bamboo sheets to draw moisture (sweat and other bodily oils) away from sleepers' bodies and let it evaporate in the air. 

Consequently, this sweat absorption enables your body’s temperature to regulate while you sleep, providing comfort in the heat of summer.


Require regular care

The one drawback to bamboo sheets (if even a drawback) is that you need to take proper care of them. This means washing them on a gentle cycle with lukewarm water and avoiding harsh detergents or fabric softeners.

Slightly More Expensive

A bamboo sheet set is slightly more expensive than a set made of some other fabrics, such as cotton. However, high-end cotton sheets cost just about the same as bamboo ones.

Cotton Sheets 

Cotton sheets are a buzzword in the bedding industry, and yet, there are so many overlooked aspects about them.


Moisture Wicking Sheets

Cotton fibres are naturally absorbent and can hold water as many as twenty-seven times their own weight. Nonetheless, regardless of their absorbing potency, they do not possess the same moisture wicking abilities as bamboo fabrics. This is because bamboo fibers can absorb as much as forty percent more moisture than cotton ones. This makes cotton sheets slightly worse at regulating body temperature than bamboo ones as they are not cooling your core temperature as swiftly.

Quite Affordable 

Cotton is a relatively cheap fabric when compared to other natural or synthetic fabrics. Note, though, that Egyptian cotton or other blends that boast high thread count are a touch more expensive than regular cotton.


Requires Proper Care

Cotton sheets are commonly known as high maintenance bedclothes as they require you to wash them regularly, in cold (30°C or below) water with a mild or gentle detergent, and dry them flat where there is a light breeze.

Linen Sheets

Breathable and soft, linen sheets can indeed help you attain the perfect temperature all year round but they come with a few drawbacks too.


Linen as Breathable Fabric for Summer Sheets

Linen is commonly reputed for its inherent wicking properties, which allows it to absorb moisture from your body. This is what allows linen sheets to regulate body temperature and prevent hot sleepers from overheating. 

Incredibly Soft

Linen sheets might feel crisp at first, but as with bamboo ones, they soften over time. This means that they become more cosy as time passes, not vice versa.


Not as Durable as Bamboo

As with cotton, fibres used in the production of linen sheets are somewhat shorter than that of bamboo, which makes them more likely to tear, pill, and fray over time.

More Expensive

Linen sheets are usually a touch more expensive than bamboo ones, so if you're on a budget these might not be the right choice.

In Summary

Let’s be honest, any of the three summer sheet sets outlined in this article would be an excellent addition to your bedroom. Still, when you weigh the pros and cons of these incredibly soft and cool-to-the-touch fabrics, you can see that bamboo sheets dominate on the scale of balance. 

The reason behind this is that bamboo fabrics are not only softer, but also more absorbent than fabrics like cotton. These are also extremely breathable which means constant air circulation throughout the night. Last but not least, bamboo sheets’ lifespan can extend to as long as fifteen years which also makes them more durable than any cotton or linen fabrics. 


Are bamboo sheets thermo regulating?

Yes. Bamboo sheets can keep you cool during the warmer months and warm during winter, which makes them one of the best cooling sheets.

Can bamboo sheets wick moisture during the steaming hot summer months?

Yes. Bamboo-based fabrics make the best summer sheet sets because of their ability to wick moisture and keep the sleeper’s body cool.